LET IT FLOW…..Evil Eye Halfrim Pro from Adidas eyewear

LET IT FLOW…..Evil Eye Halfrim Pro from Adidas eyewear

Evil Eye is a name that has influenced the biking scene for more than ten years. It is synonymous with innovation and functionality and the name alone offers up the promise of ultimate biking fun.

For pro riders and amateur enthusiasts alike, the evil eye stands for professional and uncompromising riding. Enter the eye halfrim pro. From road racing to BMX and mountain biking – this versatile halfrim model is sure to impress any rider looking for the definitive, all round biking frame.

Cleverly designed product

The Halfrim design and the durable, flexible SPX™ material make the eyewear extremely light and the ideal companion on any tour. It is designed for the demands of both mountain biking on rugged trails and gruelling road racing. The removable sweatblocker stays firmly in place during ascents or sprints, protecting the eyes from sweat and unpleasant draughts. Thanks to its special temple design, the evil eye halfrim pro fits under any helmet and always sits perfectly on the face. The eyewear can also be individually adjusted to ensure an ideal fit. The nose pads can be adjusted in two ways, the temples in three ways, for optimal grip, even on faster downhill sections.

Especially when racing at high speeds or on rough terrain, the rider needs to have a clear view all around. The aerodynamic model has strongly curved filters to provide a wide angle of vision while the excellent filter technology ensures a clear view. The enabling technology behind the filters is the Light Stabilizing Technology™ (LST™), which compensates strong light variations and increases contrasts, ensuring clear vision at all times. The eyes tire less quickly, allowing the rider to concentrate on the track and his or her technique.

An innovative and patented lens lock system allows quick and easy replacement of filters: simply push back the side retaining clip and insert the appropriate lens. The system is easy to operate, even when wearing biking gloves or if your hands are wet with perspiration. Making irritating fingerprints on lenses a thing of the past.

The evil eye halfrim pro from adidas eyewear is extremely versatile and ensures a clear view on any bike tour – whether on tarmac or rugged terrain. The strong developments offer maximum performance and safety.