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Let’s talk 3D….

The future is crafted from polyamide powder and enables a minimalist and zero waste life.

When clearing our minds and being focused, we see the important things. We see nature: raw edges forming soft structures. We see beauty: pure and organic. We see people: individual and unique. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the 3D printing process is taking advanced technology back to the roots.

3D printing allows a minimum waste production while working with next level tools. Made out of Polyamide Powder the sustainable 3D printer only adds material where needed. The residuals are fully recyclable and can be used for the following product. The result is super light, flexible but resistant at both times. A high quality product made out of dust.

The process is not only sus­tain­able, the out­come con­vinces with high­est qual­i­ty and sta­bil­ty. We went to the basics by gen­er­at­ing com­plete­ly new shapes and struc­tures through 3D print­ing. Colourful, unique and excit­ing design meets for­ward and con­scious technology!

3D print­ing is for­ward and the future of sus­tain­abil­i­ty. And so it’s the future of technology.

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