Test your hearing from your own home

If you’re at all concerned about your hearing at the moment, you can take our simple online hearing test. You just need a pair of headphones to get started.

This test will give you an instant report on your hearing capabilities. For those who need further diagnosis, we give full comprehensive tests in our stores.



With 70% of over 70s (1 in 6 people) experiencing some form of hearing loss and with increasing numbers of reports suggesting strong links between hearing loss and dementia, it has never been more important to have your hearing checked professionally.

Deciding to tackle hearing loss early can help to reduce the impacts of auditory deprivation so that the brain is best able to make sense of the sounds it hears.

Cameron-Davies now offer comprehensive hearing examinations from both practices, incorporating a wide variety of testing to establish the best solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

As an independent company, we are able to choose between all manufacturers which means you can be assured that any product prescribed is the right one for you.

In some cases, hearing loss can be caused by factors that are reversible and don’t actually require the provision of hearing aids e.g. ear wax. To help in such cases, we are proud to offer wax removal through Micro-suction – a cleaner and generally safer method than the old ‘syringing’. All Hearing Plan members will have this service included.

Enhancements offered include:

The thorough visual examination of the External Auditory Meatus (ear canal) to check on outer ear health. Sometimes this can be done with a video so that the client can see what’s in their ear.

This is a test designed to check on the overall health and function of the middle ear including the Tympanic Membrane (ear drum). This area can become blocked as a result of a build up of congestion from infection, colds or even allergies such as hayfever.

Testing the ear’s ability to hear a pure tone presented through headphones and also a bone conduction unit. This test establishes if there is a loss and then what type of loss it might be. From these results we configure the appropriate prescription.

Hearing a tone is one thing, hearing the clarity within speech can be another. By testing hearing both unaided and then aided, we can check on the benefit given by different hearing systems to the user.

A cleaner and safer way to remove a build up of wax blocking the ear canal. This can often be the cause of a hearing loss.

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