Contact Lenses

For those who prefer the vision clarity and freedom that lenses can bring, we have the latest ranges to suit virtually all prescriptions. For anyone wanting to try them, but not sure where to start, our hands-on help and advice will take the mystery out of putting them in or removing them, making them clear contenders.

Whether you’re looking to wear them every day or just occasionally, need multifocal or bifocal lenses, or have some more specialist requirements, the constantly evolving technology in contact lens materials and designs means we can provide the most comfortable and effective lenses for you.

Cutting edge EyeDream lenses are available, correcting your vision whilst wearing the lenses at night meaning you can go lens-free all day.

We also stock Misight contact lenses, which not only correct vision for those with myopia, short sightedness, but also slow its rate of progression.

Imagine that – it’s a real glimpse of the future.