Winter Sun

Winter Sun
At Cameron-Davies we believe sunglasses are an important tool all year round. The low sun can make driving during the winter very hazardous. Whether you are driving
in the UK or lucky enough to be jet setting off to warmer climates this winter, Maui Jim is a brand you should consider.
Maui Jim offers top quality polarised lenses (also available in prescription) with amazing colour enhancements and clarity whilst blocking out 99.9% of glare from the
sun. This allows your eyes to stay relaxed, reducing squinting, eye fatigue and wrinkles around the eyes.
Maui Jim believes colour and light are key to our human experiences. Their sunglasses are designed to be worn on sunny and cloudy days. Offering 100%
protection from harmful UV rays, they have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation.
Call in to either Practice to view the current range available.