Myopia Control

Myopia Control

At Cameron-Davies we have been treating Myopia  for the past ten years with remarkable success in slowing the increase in myopia and also giving individuals the opportunity of enjoying natural vision throughout the day without correction.

Until now we have been using Ortho-K lenses or multifocal soft monthly lenses.

More recently we started using the one day disposable MiSight multifocal lens which, studies have proven, is as successful in Myopia Control as the Ortho-K lens.

What is Myopia Control?

So far, there is no cure for myopia or short -sightedness. The physical elongation of the eyeball in myopia cannot be reversed (even laser-eye surgery can’t do this). People with myopia have an increased risk of developing serious eye conditions, such as myopic maculopathy or more commonly retinal detachment at any time in their lives. The higher the degree of short-sightedness the greater the risk of developing a vision problem. Myopia control means to halt or slow down the progression of short-sightedness and is aimed at in particular children and young adults with myopic parent(s).


Orthokeratology with Eye Dream overnight contact lenses

In order to see clearly, the cornea plays a key role. It focuses light on the retina and creates a sharp optical focus.

This is not the case in Myopia where the focal point lies in front of it. Orthokeratology describes the process where gas permeable contact lenses gently mould the cornea, helping it to focus a crisp image. After removal of the lens in the morning, the cornea returns very gradually to its habitual shape. This mechanism is so slow that clear natural vision can be enjoyed throughout the entire day.


Myopia Control with MiSight daily disposable contact lens

Misight daily disposable soft contact lenses not only correct the existing myopia (up to -6.00dpt) but also, as proven by studies, slow the progression of short sightedness.

MiSight lenses are worn in the same way as ordinary daily disposable lenses. This means there is no need for cleaning the lenses after use and every day a fresh pair can be enjoyed.  If you want to learn more about MiSight contact lenses, please visit: