Eye Health

Our focus is on your eye health and on providing the best solution should you need a correction to your vision. If the wellbeing of the eye itself is overlooked, problems go unchecked and sight can be irreversibly lost. We want to ensure we spot any problems early, which could mean the difference in keeping your eyesight.

There are many factors affecting eye health – diet, lifestyle, and family history being just a few. Eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, are more prevalent in an aging population. To diagnose problems early and instigate management plans fast, we encourage regular eye examinations.


At Cameron-Davies, we take great pride in the quality of eye care we provide. When examining any Eyeplan or private patients, the optometrists have a generous amount of time and freedom – and the latest high-tech instrumentation – in order to carry out whichever extensive tests may be of benefit. This enables our experts to provide superior quality eye examinations to everyone, regardless of your age group.

NHS eye tests, covering all of the required checks, are offered in our Portchester practice to all those entitled. However, the majority of our NHS patients choose to upgrade to our ‘NHS Plus Enhanced’ examination for a supplementary fee, meaning they also benefit from the additional checks and technology.

Enhancements offered include:

Cameron-Davies has been offering fundus imaging as part of private and Eyeplan examinations since 2002. The high-resolution imaging of the retina allows for a more detailed examination of the optic nerve head, the macula and the retinal vascular arcades than any standard techniques, giving you peace of mind.

OCT provides detailed information about the retina, the retinal nerve fibre layer and the anterior eye. This analysis results in earlier and more accurate diagnosis of diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, which can cause you to lose sight right in the middle of your eye, meaning blurred faces, or inability to read. This is more common in the elderly.

Optomap provides high-resolution digital images of approximately 82%, or 200 degrees, or the retina. Captured by two lasers, the images visualize the choroidal layer, the retina and the retinal pigment epithelium. No other imaging device is capable of doing this within one image.
This range of view, and the ability to move between the layers of the eyes, gives us a unique view of your eye, enabling us to asses it thoroughly and brings the advantage of early detection and diagnosis of disease. For example, the instrumentation might identify any holes or tears that might cause a detached retina in future.

Some patients, young and old, experience eye discomfort when reading or performing other concentrated tasks.
This discomfort, presenting itself as eye strain – or movement of print – due to perceived glare, can be disruptive, negatively affecting concentration and comprehension.
Colorimetry uses coloured optical filters to alleviate the symptoms, and is remarkably effective in correcting the problem.

Our eyes need tears to stay healthy and comfortable. If your eyes are itchy, stinging, burning or sore, it may be that your eyes are not producing enough tears, or the wrong kind of tears or tear film, and you may be diagnosed with Dry Eye.
In our Dry Eye/Watery Eye clinic, we will assess you using the latest technology- using Tearlab or Blephex as appropriate – resulting in comfortable, healthy eyes again.

Eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts can cause decreased vision, even with glasses. If you struggle with your vision and have had a recent eye examination, aids such as magnifiers, tints and lighting can greatly improve vision. We have an excellent range of low vision aids including magnifiers with inbuilt lighting and digital options. Advice will be tailored to your unique visual needs.

This cutting-edge technology, combined with our time and expertise, gives the clearest view of your eye health. You’ll be able to see the difference.

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