Hearing Aids

If you’ve been struggling with hearing loss, hearing aids can drastically improve the quality of your life. And thanks to advances in technology, today’s hearing aids are discreet, comfortable to wear and have excellent sound quality.

First, we’ll carry out a fully comprehensive hearing test. We’re proud to be able to offer examinations using the most advanced equipment in the industry. We don’t just check your hearing, we check the health of your ears too, so you can rest assured that any problems will be detected.

Our hearing care specialists are experts in choosing the right solution for you. Once you’ve had your hearing test, we’ll help you choose a hearing aid that suits your hearing loss, lifestyle and preferences.

Our range of hearing aids features the highly advanced and discreet receiver-in-the-canal models as well as the more traditional behind the ear style.They also come with a choice of features, such as rechargeable batteries, smartphone connectivity and remote controls.

Once the right hearing aid has been chosen, we’ll carry out some sound tests with you, adjusting the settings to get it just right. And we’ll check the fit of your hearing aid to make sure it’s comfortable. We’ll also show you how to use it and take care of it.