About Etnia

The Etnia Barcelona brand was created in 2001 with the idea of being the most creative and colourful brand in the international optical industry, creating unique eyewear whose value lies in the design of its colours. When David Pellicer founded the company at 23, he created the first color-based collection. This represented a complete break from the color scheme of the collections in the market, which at the time were only expressed by dark shades like black or brown.

The family value in Etnia Barcelona makes it different from other brands in the business. It is the third generation, and its heritage is an added value in its products. The company’s history and tradition are reflected in each of its collections. These small details that personalise its creations are part of the “savoir faire” it applies to each of its creations and what adds the “excellence” to each piece that only creators can give to their works.

Based on exhaustive research on fashion, runway, street trends, and other artistic disciplines, the Etnia Barcelona team develops the palettes that will dress up the models each season. An accurate vision of what’s coming balanced with classic elegance for every type of audience.

Eye plan

The vast majority of our customers value our care so much they commit to us by joining Eyeplan.

This transparent monthly payment plan helps with budgeting and ensures you get the best service every time you have an eye exam – however many times you need them throughout the year – as well as a discount on frames when you need them, or just fancy a new pair of spectacles.

It gives you the foresight of well-planned finances, and the reassurance that your eye health is in good hands.

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