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For fans of the style principle of reduction, Götti glasses embody authenticity in everyday life. With harmonious proportions and the sophistication of modern technology, full effect is given by both timeless design and clever functionality. The collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form, allowing the wearer to express their individual character. Precise manufacturing and carefully selected details result in the ideal fit. Götti glasses combine the highest level of refined design, traditional craftsmanship, and technical innovation. An unmistakable expression of confident style, quality, and Swissness.

Started in 1993, the focus has been on innovation, quality, and durability right from the start. All models have been designed under the leadership of Sven Götti for over 25 years. Expert Swiss craftsmanship, and a keen eye for quality and precision create sustainable, premium eyewear.

Up to a few years ago, it was still unimaginable that we would be manufacturing glasses from start to finish in Zürich. Although there is a long tradition of fine mechanical engineering and manufacturing watches, as well as a strong awareness of quality and precision, an industry for the manufacturing of eyeglasses in the traditional sense does not exist. That is why we have been manufacturing our titanium and acetate glasses for over 20 years using the best production partners in Japan, Germany, and Austria.

For those who strive toward the style principle of reduction, Götti glasses embody authenticity in everyday life. The collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form; providing latitude for expression of a person’s individual character.

Hand Polished By?

Each Acetate frame is hand-polished – with the polisher’s personal quality seal. They are produced by a leading manufactory in Austria, exclusively for Götti.

The acetate is combined with thin stainless-steel temples, which are produced in our own factory in Switzerland. The result is a very flexible and comfortable frame.

They are named Barbara, Ludmilla, Renate and Waltraud. Their hands bear the traces of many years of experience. With talent and precision, they use trained movements to polish the unmistakable Götti shine on our acetate eyeglasses. Their hands move with precision so that the nuances of each pair of Götti glasses can be lovingly brought to life. Starting now, Waltraud and her colleagues will place their names in each pair of our acetate glasses. They add their quality seal so that each pair of acetate frames bears their very personal finish.

Eye plan

The vast majority of our customers value our care so much they commit to us by joining Eyeplan.

This transparent monthly payment plan helps with budgeting and ensures you get the best service every time you have an eye exam – however many times you need them throughout the year – as well as a discount on frames when you need them, or just fancy a new pair of spectacles.

It gives you the foresight of well-planned finances, and the reassurance that your eye health is in good hands.

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